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Foam Agent DY-978
Working principle
Foam agent DY-978 of “Dunyou” brand produced by our company is blended by frothing agent, foam stabilizer and other various surfactant and other lubrication materials. It is a kind of auxiliary material specialized for earth pressure balance shield machine constructing in tunnel. With foam consist of innumerable bubbles sneaking into muck, the frictional capability of soil mass can be reduced. With the reduce of frictional wear of tool and usage of foaming agent, muck has a good liquidity, which cannot only enable excavation face to maintain good supporting pressure but also prevent “mud cake”, “blocking” and other problems and ensure smoothly operation of casting.
Product properties
  • Reduce internal friction and the frictional wear of cutter head, conveyor, and conveyor belt by soil and reduce energy consumption.
  • Reduce the viscosity of soil and prevent blocking.
  • Control dust in construction of rock and soil tunnel and mine.
Method of application
When use it in reality, diluent of 1.5%~6% mixed with water is ok. Foam agent DY-978 is non-toxic, uninjurious, and non-corrosive. Attention should be paid to antislip when it touches floor. When it splashes into eyes or mouth, should be washed with large amount of water or go to hospital to have a professional doctor wash it.
Packing and Storage
  • Packed in plastic barrel of 200L or of 1 ton. Guarantee period is 12 months in sealed packaged.
  • To avoid effecting quality of the product, please do not mix other impurities with it when during transportation or in delivery.
Item name Qualification indicators
Appearance Clear liquid
Density 25°C,g/cm3 1.01~1.04
Water solubility Completely dissolve
PH value 7.0~7.5
Frothing capability 600-700L foam can be produced by 1L foam agent
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